President Biden Must Think and Act Differently If He Wants to Get a Better Economic Result for Regular Americans

Dear President Biden,

We the undersigned are writing to urge you in the strongest possible way to push an aggressive, inclusive economic agenda.  After a year where 56 people became billionaires (Marketwatch – Link to Article) while at the same time between ten and twenty million people fell into poverty, America  is in a desperate situation. This calls for serious action; for a reimagination of our policy options.  You were the Vice President during the second-worst financial crisis in the history of our nation. We know that you realize the significant harm timidity can cause when a crisis is at hand.

We urge you to resist the pleas to protect capital markets and the wealthy at the expense of helping those who truly need it. We know that you will be urged to do this by the investor class and their supporters. Already those who are financially secure are claiming that giving struggling Americans $2000 will overheat the economy (Bloomberg – Link to Article).  We believe these arguments have no merit and that they completely ignore the needs of the 54 million Americans who  are food insecure (AAMC-Link to Article).

For a complete copy of the statement download the pdf file:
2021-02-14 Biden Econ Team Statement Signed Final