FSIC Sends Letter to Congress – Don’t Hurt Marginalized Voices with Antitrust Internet Bills

We, the undersigned, request that the House Judiciary Committee antitrust bills, H.R. 3849, the Augmenting Compatibility and Competition Enabling Service Switching Act; H.R. 3826, the Platform Competition and Opportunity Act; H.R. 3816, the American Choice and Innovation Online Act; and H.R. 3825, the Ending Platform Monopolies Act, not be brought to the floor for a vote without serious changes.

We feel, these bills will have many unintended consequences for all Internet users, especially marginalized voices. The proposals would mandate a few select technology companies to host dangerous misinformation, harmful content like hate speech or bigotry, remove current services that are enjoyed by consumers on their platforms, or charge fees for services that were once free. As we have seen, technology, especially AI, can have disproportionate impact on people of color. Enforcement is almost always uneven, with more frequent and harsh actions taken against BIPOC communities.

For full PDF of letter click below:
2021-09-16 FSIC Letter to Congress – protect internet users final