FSIC Press Release – FSIC and Guap City DOA LLC Announce a Partnership to Grow a Digital City and Promote Sustainable Agriculture

Today, the Financial Services Innovation Coalition (FSIC), in conjunction with Guap City DOA LLC, announced a new partnership to utilize cutting-edge technology to promote sustainable agriculture in Northwest Georgia.  Following its ongoing initiative to advance trailblazing technology in underserved areas of the country, FSIC was immediately interested in working with Mrs. Twyla Jackson, Ms. Tavonia Evans, and Mrs. Marlena Barnett, the Founders of Guap City.  Guap City is a decentralized autonomous organization, or DOA, that facilitates the melding of new blockchain technologies with land ownership, sustainable agriculture, research & development, and decentralized governance.

“The partnership formed with the FISC along with the foundation laid by Lakes of Summerville, Camp Bohdi Inc, and the founder of Guapcoin will increase the success of Guap City and connected endeavors like their zero waste projects.  This union is dedicated to researching and developing real-life solutions that will create sustainability, equality, and prosperity for all while reversing the negative effects humans have had on the earth and each other,” said Mrs. Jackson.

The Guap City DAO is based on the vision of borderless governance and digital participation in a real-life city. The benefit provided is collective ownership, greater access to resources and capital, and education on the process of using blockchain technology.

For the past ten years, FSIC has been working in communities around the country to help address disparities in employment, small business creation, and health care through community events and workforce and small business support programs.

Kevin B. Kimble, Esq., FSIC Founder and CEO, said, “As we grapple with climate change and the legacy of structural racism, we are happy to work with Twyla and her organizations on the future of sustainable communities.”

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2022-09-09 FSIC Guap City Press Release final1